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E. M.

The staff is incredibly helpeful and Nouvelle has great customer service!! We had a miscommunication about an appointment and Dr. Phi and her staff were incredibly accommodating and rescheduled my appointment on a day the office was closed, that's how much they care about their patients and running a business the right way. Would recommend them to anyone. Furthermore, they make the visits very comfortable--with netflix, massage chairs and heated seats! A total top-notch business.

A. D.

Dr. Phi and her staff are amazing! Great experience, awesome care. I learned more in one visit than 20 previous years of dental visits. I highly recommend Nouvell Dentistry!!!

T. T.

I hadn't gone to the dentist for 7 years, so I didn't expect a good visit. A deep cleaning was the sentence! I'm happy to report that I served my time in a very comfortable chair watching Thor. At the end, I was simply amazed at how quick and painless it was. This dentist is a natural! You can't teach that stuff in school. Come to Nouvelle: it's a diamond in the dentistry business!
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L. T.

Dr. Phi is one of the most professional dentists I've ever encountered. She is a person who cares about her clients and gives 100% in her practice. I've never had a dentist who was so honest and trustworthy. Before seeing Dr. Phi, I hadn't gone to a dentist for several years because I didn't really feel comfortable, but Dr. Phi made my experience at the dentist truly enjoyable and informative. She was very friendly and made sure to thoroughly go through every detail about how to maintain and keep my teeth healthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants the best quality care!

M. H.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience at Nouvelle Dentistry. As a physician myself, I appreciated the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Phi and her staff. I left my visit a better informed patient and feel empowered to take charge of my own oral health, knowing that Dr. Phi is available to provide trustworthy answers to my questions and concerns. Thank you!

H. L.

I had a great visit with Dr. Phi. I felt that she was very thorough, gentle and cared about the health of my teeth. I later referred my sister who was very anxious at dentist's offices, however Dr. Phi was able to calm her. I would highly recommend her for all your dental needs.

L. T.

I wanted to get new dentures and went to Dr. Phi to get some advice as well as access my gum condition. My daughter had referred her to me. After an X-ray was done there was an area of concern and I was referred to a specialist. Thankfully the area was benign and now I am awaiting implants. Thanks to Dr. Phi I was able to catch something that could have been life threatening. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends. You can tell she takes much care and does quality work.

M. T.

I am happy to declare that I have been a faithful patient of Dr. Phi for over three years. Prior to her, I was drifting from dentist to dentist without much care for my dental health. Dr. Phi's emphasis on education helped me gain perspective on the importance of proper dental care. Her gentle, meticulous, and skillful techniques subsided my fear of dentists. What impresses me most is she genuinely cares about the well being of her patients and that's all any patient can ask of their health care provider. I've found my dentist for life and I'll be with her until I have no more teeth (which she will deter that day from ever occurring). I sincerely recommend Dr. Phi to anyone who's seeking high quality dental care.

A. G.

A few years ago, I underwent a tooth extraction of one of my back molars. Dr. Phi helped replace my missing tooth with an implant. I was nervous about the process and considered/compared several dentists. Right away, I knew Dr. Phi was the one for the job.

She is very skilled in dentistry, not only in her knowledge, but her ability to make patients feel comfortable. She was able to thoroughly explain my procedure and provided follow-up care. I really felt that I was in good hands. I am so grateful for Dr. Phi and her sincere care for everyone who walks into her office.

M. L.

It is very hard to find a good and trustworthy dentist. Dr. Phi is the most talented and honest dentist I have ever visited. Not only that, her technique was extremely gentle and she has a unique way of calming one's nerves. She is the only dentist that comes to mind whenever I am recommending one to my friends and family.

D. H.

I came to Hanh's office for a routine dental cleaning, and discovered that I needed a root canal for one of my teeth. She quickly scheduled me for the earliest appointment to have the root canal done, and to this date (2 years now) I have not had any problems with it. I remember the work was amazing. She is extremely detailed and careful, and quickly gained my trust after our initial meeting. I would recommend her skills and expertise to all my family and friends.

        Thao T.

Definitely the best Dentist I ever had. The office is super high tech and clean. The office design really catches you...   read more

        Anita P.

Usually, I DREAD and HATE the dentist....HATE HATE HATE the dentist! Which is probably why I had horrible teeth...   read more

        Will C.

I don't normally go to the dentist, but when I do, I go to Nouvelle. Consider it the Mercedes Benz of dentistry...   read more

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        Kenneth P.

I've been to 3 other private practice dentists and I've never been told that I grind my teeth when I sleep and I have a crack in one of my front teeth...   read more

        Joey T.

After getting my braces removed years ago I've visited dentists very sparingly. Thank goodness for tarter control toothpaste...   read more

        Jenny G.

Go Denver Broncos! Look, I RARELY write reviews, but I just had to spend the quality time on this one because they spent the quality time on me...   read more

        Jenni B.

The best dental experience of my life! I did my research when choosing a new dentist. I hadn't been to the dentist in far too long...   read more

        Stacey D.

I've tried many dentists in my 39 years, both on the East Coast and here in Colorado, and I can say without a doubt that Dr. Phi and her staff...   read more

        Tina D.

I got a flyer in the mail and have been looking for a new dentist for quite some time. This place is stellar! The staff is friendly and helpful...   read more

        Misha H.

What a pleasant experience -- a dentist who actually cares about you and your teeth! Truly, I have never received such individualized attention...   read more

        Tung T.

I hadn't gone to the dentist for 7 years, so I didn't expect a good visit. A deep cleaning was the sentence! I'm happy to report that I served my time in a...   read more

        mai t.

I'm a person that highly values honesty. Therefore, I want to disclose that besides being a patient at this dental office I'm also a personal friend of Dr. Phi...   read more

        Patrick C.

My first try for a new dentist since moving to the Denver area. I was extremely pleased with the excellent service. The staff is very friendly and...   read more

        Justin E.

I've been meaning to write this review for a while because I can't say enough good things about Nouvelle Dentistry. My initial appointment was very thorough...   read more

        Nathan G.

Very updated office, great experienced staff, super easy access, and you can watch movies and listen to music while they work on your teeth! Best dentist ever!

        Shelby S.

This office is modern, up to date with the newest technology. The staff is very warming and welcoming. Dr Phi is very pleasant and is knowledgeable...   read more

        shea s.

I have been to my share of dentists due to the fact that I am very funny about my teeth. I don't think I will ever have to search again!!!...   read more

        Alex P.

As Yelp would say "WooHoo! As good as it gets!" Whoa how is it that no one has reviewed this dental office? I live in Los Angeles now...   read more

        Travis Turner

Going to the Dentist is one of the scariest things that grown adults have to do! But I have to say my experience with Nouvelle Dentistry has been awesome...   read more

        Amanda Sniadach

Dr. Phi is organized, detailed, thorough, personable, knowledgeable and kind! She is an expert at her work, having the most updated technology and skills...   read more

        Jenni Bain

The best dental experience of my life! I did my research when choosing a new dentist...   read more

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        Tung T.

I hadn't gone to the dentist for 7 years, so I didn't expect a good visit. A deep cleaning was the sentence! I'm happy to report that I served my time in a...   read more

        Justin Eagles-Soukup

I had a great dentist before I moved to the Denver Tech Center area, but now have an even greater dentist and team. Excellent service. Thorough evaluation...   read more

        Thanh Nguyen

I had an appointment back in March. The place is tidy but very fashionable, I like the black and white color scheme. The staff isn't very large...   read more

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