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  • Electronic medical records

    Our office utilizes the best electronic medical record software. This allows for us to not only stay paperless and "green", but also helps us be efficient, thorough and organized with our record keeping for all our patients.

  • In chair entertainment
    Secondary Screen

    We provide video and audio entertainment for our patients during their appointments, just let us know what you prefer and you can relax through your procedure.

  • Fluorescent intraoral camera
    Intraoral Camera

    Not only do we have a great intraoral camera that allows us to share with you your oral anatomy on a larger scale, our camera also has the ability to fluoresce your decay so that we can better diagnose decay in questionable areas.

  • Education videos
    Education videos

    We have wonderful educational videos for you to watch if you would like to learn more about the dentistry in your mouth. Our video not only makes it easy for you to understand dentistry, it is also graphically shows you exactly how everything works!

  • Digital radiographs

    Gone are those slow traditional film radiographs; our office has modern digital radiographs that require one tenth of the already low radiation of traditional dental x-rays. Digital radiography is not only safer for patients and the environment (no need for chemicals for film processing), but also has technology that manipulates images to educate our patients and diagnose pathology better. We are also very proud of our state of the art panoramic x-ray machine that allows us to take very detailed images without putting any sensors in your mouth.

  • And much more

    Now you can schedule an appointment on our website, fill out your health history online, email us your questions and receive text reminders for your appointments! We always strive to make it easier for our patients to obtain information and keep up with their oral health.