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  • Regular cleanings and exams

    Although a healthy diet, good brushing and flossing will help you maintain great teeth, the ADA still recommends that you see your dentist for a regular cleanings and exams.

  • Deep cleanings

    Gum disease is difficult to treat and can progress very quickly if ignored. If you know or suspect you have gum disease, please find treatment right away!

  • Composite restorations (white fillings)

    Even with great hygiene and diets, many people still have cavities. The shape and anatomy of your teeth along with the biology of your mouth may be more prone to cavities than other people. Make sure to get your regular exams to check for cavities. At our office we prefer to restore your teeth with composite (white) fillings.

  • Root canals

    Teeth that have severe decay or have experienced trauma may require root canal therapy in order to treat and save the tooth. This process requires the removal and cleaning of the canal system inside the tooth and root.

  • Crowns and bridges

    When fillings get too big or teeth have cracks, we need to place crowns on them to protect them. When teeth are lost, we sometimes make bridges to restore the space.

  • Implant crowns

    Modern dental surgery now allows us to replace a missing tooth with implants! This is usually the best way you can replace a missing tooth. Once you have an implant placed, it needs to be restored with a crown. Make an appointment with us for a consultation. You should always speak with your restoring dentist before placing an implant.

  • Dentures and partials

    If you are missing several teeth and are unable to have implants placed, partials and dentures are a great way to bring back your smile and function. Now, you can even have partials and dentures along with implants to improve the stability and functionality of your prosthesis

  • Mouth guards (for sports or for grinding)

    Do you play sports or have a grinding habit? We can help get you a mouth guard to protect your teeth!

  • Pediatric dentistry

    Dr. Phi spent many years working with children and enjoys it very much, if you have a little one, make sure you bring them in as early as 6 months for a happy visit or child's exam, or earlier if you have any dental concerns.

  • Nitrous sedation

    If you're feeling a little nervous to receive dental treatment or surgery, we can use nitrous sedation to help ease your anxiety.

  • Extractions

    Wisdom teeth, teeth extracted for braces, baby teeth or teeth that cannot be saved.

  • Whitening

    Feel like brightening your smile? We can help with in-office bleaching or make your some custom trays for at home bleaching.


We can accept many insurances, just let us know what plan you have and we will bill them as necessary.

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